Welcome to my magical world of paper flowers.

Created in Brighton, one of the most artistic places in the United Kingdom.

I feel like I have always been creative, however my life led me in a bit different direction. After years of working in marketing and events industry I found myself in the position where such high paced career has been almost impossible along the family life.

I have reconsidered my priorities and decided to change my path. This is how I rediscovered my creative side and since 2019 I have literally bloomed.

I had a chance to learn from many prominent artists and paper florists and to develop my own style and techniques that I am now sharing with others.

I love getting my hands dirty of glue and colours while listening to music or podcasts. It’s my gateway to sanity, break from an everyday life, and a chance to enjoy therapeutic qualities of working with hands.

At the same time it is the everyday life, my surroundings, nature, people, art and various travels that inspire me and send me to my floral meadows of creativity.

Come and join me and let’s create something amazing!

Jasmina x